Amber warning for Wind

The Met Office has issued an Amber warning for wind.
Issued at: 07:58 on Mon 8 Feb 2016
Valid from: 0810 on Mon 8 Feb 2016
Valid to: 1800 on Mon 8 Feb 2016

An area of very strong winds is likely to extend east across southwest England and parts of central southern England on Monday morning. Gusts of 60-70 mph are likely widely, with 80 mph gusts in exposed coastal areas, particularly Cornwall and North Devon, and also along the South Wales coast and through the Bristol Channel. Some very large waves are also likely to affect many coasts, in particular north coasts of Cornwall and Devon.

Winds should gradually ease through the afternoon and evening. This warning has been updated to include a greater part of the South Wales coast.

Please be prepared for disruption to travel as well as possible damage to trees and structures, and interruption of power supplies.

This is an update to the warning to extend the amber area to cover more of the Bristol Channel, including Cardiff and Bristol, and also English Channel coasts of Sussex and Kent.

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Yellow Warning of wind

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning of Wind.


Issued at: 0939 on Tue 17 Nov 2015
Valid from: 1600 on Tue 17 Nov 2015
Valid to: 0200 on Wed 18 Nov 2015

Warning Text:

West or southwesterly gales or severe gales are expected to sweep eastwards across the southern half of the UK later on Tuesday. Gusts into the 40-50 mph are likely widely across southern England and southernmost parts of Wales with 50-60 mph gusts likely along coasts, possibly as much as 70 mph in very exposed locations. The winds should quickly ease across western parts later on Tuesday evening and across eastern parts shortly after midnight.

Be aware of the risk of disruption to travel and to trees. With the strength of the winds, large waves are likely to affect some coastal areas. Read more