OS X Apps

We have release Version 1.0 of our OS X apps that are compatible with OS X 10.9+

Download them here

When you have downloaded the .dmg file, double click it and it should open, if you are presented with an error such as ‘THIS FILE IS DAMAGED AND CANNOT BE OPENED’ or ‘App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer’ then you need to go to the Apple  logo in the top left corner and select system preferences.


Once system preferences has opened move your cursor to Security & Privacy.


Once Security has opened you will now need to select the third option for allow apps from … “Anywhere”, this is defaulted to Mac App Store and Identified Developers so you will need to change this. If it is greyed out select the padlock symbol in the lower left corner.


When you select the padlock it should present you with a screen similar to the one shown below, enter your OS X account details and then you should be able to select the Anywhere option. Once you have authorised you will be presented with a warning just click ‘Allow from Anywhere’.

secauth  secwarn

Now if you go back and try to open our .DMG file it should open and contain three files.


Once it is opened select the appropriate .app file and drag it to the Applications link.

Select WeatherWatchEP for a hot link to our website
Select WWEP_Data for all of our data products (Radar, Lightning, Satellite)

Now you have successfully installed our apps, enjoy and leave feedback on our Facebook Page or email: [email protected] .