Yellow Warning of Rain

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning of Rain

Issued at: 1129 on Sun 30 Aug 2015
Valid from: 0100 on Mon 31 Aug 2015
Valid to: 1700 on Mon 31 Aug 2015


Warning Text:
Further areas of heavy rain or thundery showers are likely to affect parts of southeastern England and East Anglia at times on Bank Holiday Monday. The main risk periods would seem to be before dawn and again during the middle of the day and into the afternoon. The evening should see a slow transition to drier conditions from the west.

This update slightly reduces the northwestern extent of the area at risk from thundery downpours, and brings forward the end time of the warning. Given continuing complexities, a further update to the Warning is likely to be issued early on Monday.

The public should be aware of the risk of further localised flooding and impacts on holiday activities.

Chief Forecasters Assessment:
Parts of East Anglia and southeast England will still be affected by a warm, humid and unstable airmass during much of Monday, which leaves the opportunity for thundery downpours to spread from Northern France. As in many such cases, only a minority of places will see the heaviest rain, but there is a chance that some locations could see 20 to 25 mm of rain in an hour and perhaps 40 mm in a few hours.