Solar Eclipse 2015

On March 20th at 09:30, parts of the UK we plunged into darkness by a solar eclipse, for us down south, we had about 85-90% coverage of the sun by the moon. This is the first total eclipse since 1999 and the next one on this scale wont occur until August 17, 2026 at 17:47.

The eclipse started around 08:23 and peaked around 09:46 UTC, lasting until around 10:40 in the UK, during this time millions of people watched the eclipse through special solar glasses which could be brought online or were included for free in February’s edition of Stars at Night Magazine.

Sadly for many of us the weather was overcast so the eclipse was hidden behind a layer of cloud but lots of people still managed to get a shot of the eclipse through all the cloud cover and I know that many of the students from the local schools captured the eclipse on their phones.

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eclipse12-pb eclipse11-Jc eclipse10-jw eclipse9-jw eclipse8-jm eclipse6-dn eclipse5-ct eclipse4-ml eclipse3-lc eclipse1-jg eclipse7-ll eclipse13-jh eclipse14-lf eclipse15-es eclipse16-jm eclipse17-hm eclipse18-hm eclipse19-mc
Taken by Emma Simpson in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Northumberland.

Lucy Curtis sent in a video of the eclipse.