Service Outage Analysis

Service Outage analysis
Summary & Root Cause
Beginning at 17:14Z on May 15th, 2014, Weather Watch East Preston experienced an unexpected service outage. This outage extended through 21:25Z with full recovery being achieved by 21:33Z on May 15th, 2014.

Why was this outage SO LONG?!
Our standard policy is to be on top of outages the minute we receive notification from our monitoring systems. Notifications were received within 45 seconds of the webiste being inaccessible to our pool of web servers.
Weather Watch East Preston’s outage procedure calls for attempting to recover the failed server within 15 minutes of the first notice of an outage from our Global Monitoring Systems. However in this case we were un able to do so.

Services Impacted:
Website, Radar, Lightning, Satellite, Warnings
Outage Length:
3 Hours 21 Minutes – Down Notification to Up Notification by Global Monitoring Systems.