Slow change with thunderstorms developing

[Updated 06:30 22/07/2013]


The coming days will bring changes in the weather but the working week will start with what could be the hottest July day since 2006. In the south temperatures could reach 34C (93F) if cloud cover holds back, but there will be a risk of isolated but intense thunderstorms breaking out across much of the country. Tomorrow will be hot again but thunderstorms will push north east across Britain. Cloudbursts are expected to lead to flash flooding, but the worst conditions will probably be localised with some places staying dry and hot. During the middle of the week further hefty showers are expected, and although the heatwave will be relaxing its grip temperatures will still be above average central and south eastern regions, but generally less warm in the west and north. By the weekend the plume of hot air will still be close, centred over the near continent, and there is a chance of temperatures rising back towards 30C (86F) in the south east.Buzz will be keeping a close eye on the unfolding weather, and remember you can keep an eye on the current rainfall lightning strikes using our zoomable weather radar page which also allows you to overlay current weather reports.

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